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Being a woman in today's world with all the obstacles we face, wouldn't it be nice if we could just wear our makeup. Not just on our lips, but wear it in a fashionable functional way to complement your style.
No more checking your pockets,
No more digging in your purse,
No more asking someone to hold it
& No more putting your lipstick in your bra.
Yes Ladies! We all done it.
Envy 7 Cosmetics is offering a refillable Jewelry necklace lipstick pendant, with the ability to switch lipstick colors! Hold a soft nude color by day and switch  to a Dramatic Red by night. Along with a fashionable Jewelry necklaces to complement your attire and style worn concealing your lipstick, having people wonder how you manage to look so amazing all the time. 
Envy 7 Cosmetics is working for the modern women of today looking forward to bring you multi Functional products with more than one purpose making your busy life easier,
So you spend more time looking Fabulous!
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